The world of start-ups is a sleepless, draining and very difficult one and most people without extra income sources give up before they can realize their full potential. A start-ups consultant can assist you in figuring out how best to efficiently approach this life and make it a success. Not every business requires a start-up consultant, particularly those that have no intention of moving past the ``museyamwa``phase. To determine if your business requires the services of a start-ups consultant, then please go through this website. A summarized list of services offered is below. For more detailed descriptions of start-ups consultancy services i offer, please visit the Services page


Services offered include mouthwatering graphic design work and high quality printing at competitive pricing. Prior to that, i assist companies come up with branding strategies and concepts


Services offered include Web Development and Maintenance. Additionally i can assist with world class web and email hosting services which will not put a hole in your pocket.


Services offered include SEO consultancy and the actual Search Engine Optimization service itself. Because of my invaluable service, your brand visibility will surpass your competition.


Services offered include crafting Digital Marketing Strategies as well as Online Reputation Management. The way your customers perceive you plays a huge role in online sales conversions.


Experience working for an international FinTech company in Operations provided me the necessary experience to consult in that capacity. Small companies specifically face challenges in this regard


For years i have paid attention and cultivated a love for cryptocurrency. I can assist anyone who seeks to utilize cryptocurrency for profit, passion or to set up operations based on it.

Start-ups Consultancy | Brief

Over the years i have acquired, under my belt, a lot of experience working with start-ups in various capacities. This tremendous journey has taken me to a few Southern African countries to include South Africa and Swaziland where my skills and knowledge were horned in. I have the intimate knowledge required for a start-up from conception through to being a going concern. Planning, setting up, funding, functional day to day operations are tasks i have perfected over the years. My strengths lie primarily in crafting and implementing viable strategies at the lowest possible cost to the company. Additionally, i have experience in Social Media and Reputation Management through the years spent as a Web Developer and Search Engine Optimization specialist. This provides me with the ability to not only craft a unique social media strategy, but also to evaluate the effectiveness of any campaign. Finally, the experience i have in Digital Marketing, the online reputation i have built over the years, as well as my previous experience as Operations Manager for an international FinTech company make me valuable for any company looking to create or grow their brand. Launching a start-up and bringing it to profitability is never easy, you need the right advisor.

At the cornerstone of all marketing efforts is Branding. Brands who require some graphic design work done and subsequently printing, will feel at home with me. My consultation services also expand to include branding plans and strategies as well as Search Engine Optimization for their online platforms, to include websites, blogs and SEO for Social Media Platforms.

I also offer cryptocurrency consultation more specifically Bitcoin.

At the heart of any company’s image is design, to include graphics, website and Social Platform Pages. In addition to offering design consultations, i also create mouthwatering designs and some of them are available on the portfolio pages on this site.

Graphic Designables include, but are not limited to, Corporate Logos, Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures, Posters, Company Profiles, Annual Reports, Calendars, Flags, Banners, Light boxes, Billboards and Vehicle Branding

Management is a fundamental aspect of the running of any organization. Management varies from the complexity of company management and team management to the joys of Social Media Management.

I have experience in both these forms of management if and when required. Social Media Management may seem to be a task anyone can do yet the strategies, implementation and analytics involved require the skill and dedication only an experienced individual can offer


Below are just 8 clients i have had the pleasure of working with:

Wild Trekkers Lodge, Victoria Falls | Start-ups Consultant

Wild Trekkers

Victoria Falls Lodge

LigaTech Electrical | Start-ups Consultant

Liga-Tech Electrical

Electrical Company

Coach Davison Zimbabwe | Start-ups Consultant

Coach Davison

Life Coach

Kaynet Entreprises | Start-ups Consultant

Kaynet Entr.

Procurement & Logistics Company

Brand Builder | Start-ups Consultant

Brand Builder

Brand Building Company

RCOF, South Africa | Start-ups Consultant


Events Company South Africa

Tayana Consultancy, Harare | Start-ups Consultant


Spa & Consultancy

Mimosa Mining Zimbabwe | Start-ups Consultant


Mining Company

Start-Ups Consultancy | Overview

Every start-up story is different and the paths they take are rarely the same. A lot of entrepreneurs might get an idea and wish to run with it themselves but they stand to fail. A precious few can be entrepreneurs, investors, managers and employees all at the same time. Principles of business are relatively similar the world over and for this reason an experienced entrepreneur  might feel they can do it all. If you have never successfully launched a start-up before and use this approach, you will most likely fail.

Start-up Consultants provide you with the knowledge required as well as guidance in tackling business challenges, addressing strategic problems, and bringing growing businesses to greater heights. Zimbabwe presents a completely different set of challenges for start-ups yet it also presents opportunities for business. Because of this reason, a global business approach would catapult a start-up in Zimbabwe to stardom but no one man can do it all alone. In conclusion, you may think you know all and can do it all but why would you leave it all to chance. Be 100% certain by hiring an expert!

Skills Rating

Development 85%
Design 90%
Marketing 85%
Sales 60%
S.E.O. 70%