In Zimbabwe, Bitcoin caused quite a stir in the last quarter of 2017. Zimbabwe is a landlocked country in Southern Africa which has faced acute economic challenges for over a decade. The peak of the country’s financial woes was in 2008 -2009 when Zimbabwe had to literally dump its own defunct currency in favour of a multi-currency regime.

For this reason, Zimbabweans leapt at the opportunity of using a currency that not only retained its value, but also gained!! As a resilient people, Zimbabweans have been through it all but they never hesitate when opportunities to earn present themselves.

I have been immersed in Bitcoin since January 2016 when i was engaged by BitMari as their Customer Engagement. BitMari was one of only two Bitcoin companies operating in Zimbabwe but we made history as being the ONLY Blockchain company in the world to be officially licensed by a Central Bank to use Bitcoin Technology for remittances. In addition, BitMari is the only Bitcoin company to work with a local African bank. Upon leaving this history making company in January 2018, i was the Operations Manager and had amassed a lot of knowledge on Blockchain and Bitcoin Technology to rival my peers in more developed western countries. Armed with this knowledge, i offer consultancy services on Bitcoin use cases in Zimbabwe and the potential therein. Below i shall outline a few such use cases:

The entire country of Zimbabwe is facing challenges making basic online purchases. Cash shortages coupled with lack of foreign currency being the main culprits. Bitcoin is an effective virtual payment method which bypasses these hindrances. Contact me to learn more.

You can save money and time on transferring funds to your business partners overseas. International business with Bitcoin is cost and time effective. Contact me to find out more

If you offer services for which people in the diaspora may be interested, then you can easily start accepting payment in Bitcoin which provides you with an efficient source of the currency. Contact me to find out more.

Circumstances may require you hold on to money over a period of time yet it must retain its value. Since the Zim dollar era this is quite an enormous and difficult undertaking. Using Bitcoin, it is almost a certainty! Find out more by reaching out to me.

Bitcoin offers a number of investment opportunities most popular of which include, holding on to it, trading and mining Bitcoin. It can be extremely lucrative investing in Bitcoin if you know how and you can contact me to learn more.

There are numerous Bitcoin use cases most of which can be used to create thriving and sustainable businesses. Zimbabwe has potential of launching Bitcoin based applications and businesses that can be handsomely rewarding. Find out more

In many developing nations, Zimbabwe included, the cost of sending money is still predatorial where larger companies have created monopolies and charge restrictive fees for remittances. Bitcoin has the power to eliminate these monopolistic practices. Contact me to find out more

From developing Bitcoin wallets to encrypting them there is a whole niche of potential business if you have access to the relevant information. Get in touch with me for information.

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