Digital Marketing currently ranks as the fastest growing marketing tool. It involves any marketing effort that is performed online or over mobile phones. The world has over the past decade shifted their focus from traditional marketing methods to online marketing but as expected, Zimbabwe industry is still taking a while to catch on.

2017 was the best year for Digital Marketing in Zimbabwe as it saw a great may companies not only embracing digital marketing, but also investing heavily in it. Most of these companies did have Facebook pages, Twitter and Instagram accounts prior to 2017 but they were mostly inactive. For educational purposes, i shall mention a few companies which stepped up their online advertising in Zimbabwe in 2017 and they include Rainbow Towers Group, Dairibord Zimbabwe, Total Zimbabwe, Zol Zimbabwe, Cortina Ice Cream, Colcom, ProAir Zimbabwe etc.

I have vast experience in this field and despite the slow adoption by Zimbabwe, i have been effectively utilizing digital marketing methods since 2010. I shall outline some key areas in Digital Marketing for which i can offer my services:

At the core of every digital marketing campaign is content creation.  The importance of providing content that is relevant to your target audience can never be underestimated. Content has to always be engaging, thought provoking and unambiguous and the best way to acquire this would be to engage the services of someone experienced in doing so.

Email has consistently been positioned as the channel of choice ever since the birth of the internet. Although inbox usage has lessened due to the use of social media, email communication is still the preferred method for business to interact with their customers. In Zimbabwe, email remains the most professional means of communication and as such, an expertly crafted campaign will go a long way in customer acquisition.

Influencer marketing has been growing in popularity for the past few years though in Zimbabwe its slowly catching on. Consumers, particularly younger ones, prefer content that feels natural and that doesn’t seem “staged”. Subtle sponsored content that feels and looks organic promoted by influencers is extremely effective. Influencers can offer that more authentic voice which resonates with target audiences they would otherwise reach with less credible paid advertisement.

Undeniably, every single person is attached to their mobile device 24/7, and because of this, mobile marketing will continue to grow and gain importance for modern companies. Mobile has become a critical part of every marketing strategy, and the sooner you join the party, the better off you are going to be. A well placed sms campaign might just be the key to your success.

Paid Search Marketing is an inexpensive and scalable form of web marketing designed to connect your ads with searchers actively seeking what you provide. The advert will appear on search results. In Zimbabwe paid search marketing hasn’t really caught on but its a really effective and affordable means of reaching clients.

Social Media Marketing refers to campaigns conducted on social media platforms aimed at gaining traffic or attention. In some cases, this traffic might be converted into sales leads. This is quickly becoming the most effective and affordable means of promotion but an effective campaign is best performed by an expert.